As the mind absorbs itself in the sensory experience of divine fragrance,
the knots of worldly tension and contraction easefully loosen and ultimately disappear.

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are highly valuable tools for healing as they capture the purest aspect of each plant's mosaic of beneficial properties. Whilst many people recognize the soothing effects of a sweet fragrance on the mind, essential oils also have profound anti-microbial, immune-stimulating, oxygenating, and anti-inflammatory properties, to name a few.

Herbal and aromatherapy specialist, Paul Kempisty, has combined years of clinical experience, research and development to create the all natural i love aromatherapy products using only the highest grade artisanally extracted essential oils (information continued below)

The i love aromatherapy essential oil formulas represent the blending of over 10 years of clinical experience, the expertise of Traditional Chinese medicine approaches to healing, and a careful incorporation of modern health science, safety and quality considerations. These blends are powerful enough to be of significant value for professional holistic health care providers, yet they are also balanced and safe enough for daily household use by health conscious consumers.

Essential oils can be inhaled or applied to the skin, and in this way they bridge the gap between the body, mind and emotions. They can be used in conjunction with massage therapy to give added depth and texture, or they can be applied to specific acupuncture points and reflexology zones for very definitive healing purposes. i love aromatherapy blends are not intended for internal use, and should be applied to the exterior of the body only.

Be relieved to know that i love aromatherapy blends are accompanied by full ingredient lists on this website, so that you know exactly what is in each product you are using. Full ingredient disclosure allows you to make informed decisions about whether a product is right for you and if any contra-indications may exist with regards to other medications you are taking or allergies you may suffer from.




                                  synergistic blends of highest quality essential oils